Best Coffee Shops In Ventura California
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12 Best Coffee Shops In Ventura, California

For being a small beach town, Ventura has more top-rated coffee shops than any other city in the area. And after living on the coast for a couple of years, I’ve been all over town in search of the best coffee shops in Ventura!

As a coffee lover and someone who works remotely, coffee shops are where I go to get my daily caffeine fix and get some work done. Thankfully, Ventura has a variety of places to choose from in every neighborhood.

Many of Ventura’s coffee shops are known for crafting unique drinks with interesting flavors while others are known for their great service and cozy atmosphere.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab coffee with a friend, catch up on remote work or get a strong cup of coffee to go, this list is for you! Read on for all the best coffee shops in Ventura, California.

Best Coffee Shops In Ventura California:

1. Prospect Coffee Roasters

Whether I’m looking to grab a morning coffee, catch up with a friend visiting Ventura or have somewhere to work online for a few hours, Prospect Coffee Roasters is one of my favorite go-to spots!

As soon as you enter the coffee shop doors, you’ll be taken aback by the beautiful, modern interior. Everything in this coffee house is well thought out for the best customer experience. This adds to one of the many reasons why Prospect has become one of the most beloved coffee shops in all of Ventura.

Prospect Coffee Roasters is one of the top coffee shops in Ventura!

Prospect coffee is one of the strongest and best I’ve ever had. I usually go for the Batch Brew which has notes of sweetness and acidity. If you buy a bag of coffee to take home, you can enjoy a cup of Batch Brew for free.

The coffee sold here is sourced from small farms all around the world like Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Ethiopia. You can also try unique seasonal drinks such as Rose Quartz Latte made with infused rose water.   

With a bright and inviting atmosphere, Prospect Coffee Roasters draw daily crowds from the Midtown neighborhood. This coffee shop has fast WiFi so in the mornings, you’ll see many people working on their laptops in the seating area.

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2. Singing Sun Coffee  

Singing Sun has some of the best coffee in Ventura California (Photo by @singingsuncoffee).

Singing Sun Coffee is a cozy coffee shop in Ventura’s Midtown area along Main Street. In the mornings many people walk here from the local neighborhood or stop by for their coffee fix on the way to work. There is a small visitor parking lot in the back of the coffee shop so finding parking is not an issue.

I love coming to Singing Sun for its warm, charming atmosphere. The interior is decorated in a boho style with many plants, wood furnishings, artwork, and beautiful accents. The inside of the coffee shop is quite spacious with multiple options for seating. If you’re looking for somewhere to work on your laptop, they do offer WiFi to customers. 

Singing Sun coffee shop serves a variety of drink options from regular hot coffee to pour-over, cold brew, Americano, Lattes, and many others. They also have an extensive list of specialty drinks that feature a Tumeric Latte, Zinger, Lavender Majesty, and London Fog to name a few. If you’re feeling like having a snack, they serve delicious pastries including gluten-free options.

Singing Sun uses Sight Glass Coffee which is well-balanced with notes of acidity. This is one of my favorite coffees and often I grab a bag to take home as well.

Overall, this is another great local spot for working remotely or catching up with friends!

3. Beacon Coffee Company

Photos by @beaconcoffee

Beacon Coffee Company is one of the best-hidden gems in Ventura for coffee lovers. This coffee shop is located in an industrial business area near Highway 101 between Ventura and Oxnard. With plenty of parking in the front, Beacon is a great spot to grab a cup of delicious coffee on a commute to work or while out shopping.

Beacon Coffee Company roasts their own coffee at the back of the coffee shop so you’re always guaranteed to enjoy the freshest cup available. The coffee served here has a very smooth taste and is known for being the top 3% coffee in the world for its quality!

The coffee shop drink menu is small but consists of popular items like Coffee of the Day, Cold Brew, Cappuccino, Flat White, and others. For something a bit more interesting, try the Lavender or Guajillo Chili Mocha.

Beacon Coffee is one of the best places to grab coffee in Ventura!

Beacon coffee has become quite popular throughout Ventura and is served at several local eateries like Frontside Cafe and Allison’s Country Cafe. Whenever I see Beacon coffee on the menu, I always order it!

As an option, you can sign up for a monthly subscription service and have Beacon coffee shipped to your house or have it ready for pickup at the coffee shop. As a member, you will receive specialty coffees not sold anywhere else.

4. Simones Coffee and Tea

Simones Coffee and Tea is a family-owned business and the oldest independent coffee shop in Ventura California. This coffee shop has been serving local artisan coffee to the Ventura community for almost 30 years.

Simones Coffee and Tea has two coffee houses, one in East Ventura and a newer location by Community Memorial Hospital in the Midtown neighborhood. The Simones Midtown is a great spot to grab a cup of joe while visiting the hospital or if you’re out running errands.

Simones Coffee & Tea is a small family-owned business.

Simones coffee shop is a Ventura County favorite for its high standards for coffee and customer service. The CMH location has an elegant interior with comfortable seating that will surely wow you! 

For drinks, Simones serves freshly brewed coffee, handcrafted espresso drinks, and loose-leaf teas. They also have a large selection of fruit smoothies, blended coffee drinks, and shakes.

If you’re hungry, grab a sandwich or a wrap and enjoy it in-house or take it to-go.

5. Palm & Boy Coffee & Acai

Palm & Boy is a charming place to enjoy coffee and an açaí bowl in downtown Ventura. (Photo by @palmandboy)

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab great coffee downtown Ventura or a quick bite to eat, head over to Palm and Boy coffee shop! This charming coffee stand is tucked away in a little alleyway off Main Street.

We love stopping by Palm & Boy Coffee and Acai on the weekends while going for a stroll in downtown Ventura. The coffee shop is situated within El Jardin Courtyard along with other boutique stores. After ordering a coffee and a snack, you can enjoy a break in the cozy courtyard surrounded by lush trees and plants.

Palm And Boy Coffee shop serves some standard drinks like Espresso, Americano, and Machiatto made with Handlebar Coffee Roasters coffee along with some more interesting choices such as Coconut Cold Brew, Dirty Chai, and Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea.

Their food menu features lighter fare including acai bowls made of fresh fruit, avocado toast, yogurt, and smoothies.

6. Palermo

Palermo is one of the most popular coffee shops in Ventura’s downtown. (Photo by @palermocoffee)

Palermo is another excellent downtown Ventura coffee shop that has become a staple in the city! It is mostly known for its large selection of drink choices that range from locally sourced Beacon coffee and espresso drinks to teas, lavender lattes, and smoothies.

If you’re craving something sweet, there are plenty of pastries, gourmet chocolates, croissants, and other desserts to choose from. Ice cream lovers can indulge in gelato Italian ice cream with 18 flavors to pick from. Pair the ice cream with a brown sugar latte for the ultimate sweet combo!

The interior of Palermo is very charming with the coffee shop in the front and an eclectic gift shop in the back of it. There is a small seating area outdoors where you can enjoy your drinks and food or head inside if you need to use guest WiFi.

7. Lovewell Tea & Coffee

Lovewell Tea & Coffee is a great place to grab a drink that will make you feel at home. This cute coffee shop is located in West Ventura near the Ojai Freeway.

It’s frequently visited by regulars from the neighborhood for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious drinks. It’s also near the Ojai Ventura bike path so you can stop by here for a cup of coffee before heading on a bike ride or a hike.

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Lovewell Tea & Coffee is a women-owned coffee shop with a mission to make everyone feel welcome. They are especially known for their excellent customer service and friendly staff that will go above and beyond for you.

With lots of windows, plants, and art the interior feels very bright and cozy. Book lovers will especially appreciate the Lovewell Book Corner where you can bring a book & take a book or enjoy reading one at the coffee shop.

For drinks, they offer traditional coffee choices like Macchiato, Latte, and Flat White along with iced coffee, teas, and matcha latte. If you’re not a fan of caffeine, try their hot cocoa – so creamy and delicious!

8. Frontside Cafe

Frontside is one of the cutest breakfast coffee shops in Ventura!

Frontside Cafe is one of my regular go-to breakfast spots in Ventura when I don’t feel like making food at home. I love to come here during the week to do a bit of work online and try different breakfast plates. Frontside Cafe is also the perfect place to meet up with friends or enjoy brunch on the weekends.

The breakfast menu is small but consists of interesting selections like Full Aussie Breakfast, Aussie Meat Pie, and Toasted Japanese Milk Bread. The lunch menu is served from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and includes a few more items like salads, Miso Chicken Katsu Sandwich, and Lemongrass Beef Bowl.

For beverages, they serve Beacon Coffee, one of my local favorites! I usually get the Beacon Brewed Coffee but they also offer several other choices such as Espresso, Macchiato, Chai Tea Latte, and others.

Photos by @frontside_cafe

The inside of Frontside Cafe has lots of seating, although it can fill up during morning rush hour and on the weekends. This restaurant has a beautifully decorated interior with light wood accents, hanging rattan lamps, and blue accents for a beachy vibe. 

Do note that Frontside Cafe closes early at 2 pm and the restaurant is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

9. Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is a good coffee shop for grabbing coffee on the go! (Photo by

Humblemaker Coffee Co is one of my favorite spots for getting a cup of coffee, pastry, and an egg breakfast sandwich on the weekends. This hidden gem is situated in downtown Ventura in a modern container area with plenty of parking in front of it. Since the coffee stand is located outdoors, I usually bring my dog along while I wait for my coffee and food.

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is a local California coffee company that was started by two loving fathers who wanted to leave a legacy for their kids. They focus on selling fair trade, organic coffees and donate a portion of their income to non-profit causes like TenforAutism.

This coffee company has another location in Seal Beach and a lot of Humblemaker products can be purchased online on their website. Overall, Humblemaker Ventura is a great spot to stop for a coffee, latte, or cold brew in downtown Ventura before starting the day!

10. Café Ficelle

Photo by @cafeficelle

Café Ficelle is a family-owned business with two locations, one in Ventura by the mall and one in Camarillo. We used to live a couple of blocks from the Ventura location so I came here quite often for a late-morning coffee.

Café Ficelle is a wonderful restaurant for getting breakfast with family or friends. There is plenty of seating indoors and outdoors along with fast WiFi. Food can be ordered from the counter and will be brought out to your table when it’s ready.

This charming café sells food and baked goods inspired by the owner’s travels in France and Europe. For drinks, I usually go for the Vanilla Latte or Verve drip coffee. They also sell other drink choices such as pour-over coffee, Cappuccino, Chai Tea Latte, tea, and French Soda.

Keep in mind that Café Ficelle closes at 2 pm so it’s best to come here in the morning.

11. Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters

Appealing to those working in Oxnard or looking for a ‘pick me up’ drink before heading out shopping, Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters is an excellent place for grabbing coffee near Ventura California. Do note that this hidden gem can be a bit hard to find as it’s situated inside The Annex food court within The Collection shopping center.

With limited seating, Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters is an ‘order and go’ type of coffee stand that is known for fast, excellent service. Their menu features items like Espresso, Americano, Cortado, Cold Brew, and Pour Over. If you’re feeling a bit hungry, try avocado toast, a croissant, or a pastry.

If you enjoy Ragamuffin Roast coffee, you can also sign up for a monthly subscription service and have coffee delivered to your home or have it ready for pick up at the Oxnard location.

12. Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea

Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea is a no-frills coffee shop situated along Main Street near the Ventura Community Memorial Hospital. This local business is operated by Tatiana and Diego, two of the kindest and friendliest owners that will make you feel like you’re part of the family from the moment that you step through the doors.

Most Ventura coffee shops don’t sell food beyond pastries, which makes Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea shop stand out. Here you can pick from a large selection of espresso, brewed, and blended drinks along with Argentinian empanadas, bagels, and sandwiches to satisfy your morning hunger.

Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea is a place that is frequented by many regulars who return week after week. The 500+ five-star reviews on Yelp just show how much the local Ventura community loves this coffee shop!

There is seating available inside along with WiFi if you need to get some work done while you enjoy your coffee and an empanada. This coffee house is open from 7 am to 3 pm and closes on Sundays.

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