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Horseback Riding In Agoura Hills With Malibu Riders

Nestled between Ventura County and Los Angeles, Conejo Valley offers lots of great outdoor activities. And there is no better way to explore the beautiful terrain of this region than by going on a horseback riding tour with Malibu Riders!

Situated within lush, green hills this is the perfect spot for horseback riding. A guided riding tour is a great activity to enjoy for couples, groups, and families. I went by myself and still had a blast with the group!

In this post, I share a bit more about what you can expect when horseback riding with Malibu Riders. I also cover my personal experience riding at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills.

Malibu Riders offers horseback riding services in Malibu and Agoura Hills.

This experience was hosted by Visit Conejo Valley. All opinions and recommendations are based on my personal experience.

About Malibu Riders

Malibu Riders offers guided horseback riding tours at multiple locations within Southern California including Malibu, Agoura Hills, and Calabasas. The rides are suitable for all skill levels and ages including kids 8 years and up. You can book a group ride for up to 8 people or a personal experience just for two.

Even if you’ve never gone horseback riding before, you can participate and have a great time! If you’re feeling nervous, they will pair you with a very calm horse and keep a close eye on you to make sure you are enjoying the ride.

The groups are limited to 8 people so you can get a more personalized experience. With a smaller group, the guide kept us going at a good pace, even if some of the horses started falling behind.

Overall, it’s a great activity if you’re looking for something fun and different to do outdoors!

Horseback riding during the Paramount Ranch Agoura Hills 1-hour tour.

Malibu Riders Horseback Riding Prices

I participated in the hour-long Agoura Hills horseback riding tour that cost $100. This is a great option for beginner riders who want to enjoy a slow, relaxing ride through the mountains. You can also opt for the 1.5-hour long tour which costs $150.

If you are a more advanced rider, you may want to book the 2-hour private riding experience that costs $360. This is also a great option for couples seeking to do something romantic for two.

Malibu Riders also offers horseback riding within Zuma Canyon in Malibu. Horseback Riding in Malibu is on my bucket list to do in the future as well! I have hiked the Zuma Canyon Trail before and it offers excellent views of the Malibu coastline and the Pacific Ocean along the way.

Malibu Riders horses waiting patiently by the trailer.

Agoura Hills Horseback Riding Location

The Agoura Hills horseback riding tour takes place at Paramount Ranch. Paramount Ranch is located about an hour’s drive west of Los Angeles and 20 minutes north of Malibu. This is a fun activity to do for those living or visiting the LA region!

You will meet the guides at Paramount Ranch about 45 minutes before the tour. Be sure to follow the paved road until you see the horse trailers. Parking for tour riders is free.

Guided horseback trail ride at Paramount Ranch.

How Much Time Does It Take

I participated in the hour-long ride but the entire activity took about 3 hours. It can take a while to reach the meet-up location and you will be asked to get there early to check in and saddle the horses.

The ride itself took us over an hour due to a detour that we had to take. After we got back, it was another 30 minutes to dismount the horses and check out before leaving.

For horseback riding, I wore leggings and comfy shoes.

What To Wear Horseback Riding

The day that I went horseback riding it was chilly so I wore a warm sweater and leggings for comfort.

You don’t need to follow a strict dress code to go horseback riding with Malibu Riders but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You will need to wear closed-toe shoes like sneakers or boots.
  • I recommend wearing long pants so your legs don’t rub against the horse and get irritated.
  • You will need to wear a helmet during the ride so you don’t need to bring a hat.
  • I was not able to bring my backpack so I recommend wearing a fanny pack or a jacket with pockets for storing your keys and cell phone.
  • If you want to bring along a camera, make sure it has a strap that you can put around your neck. You will need both hands to ride the horses so you won’t be able to keep items in your hands the entire time.
Malibu Riders offers some of the best horseback riding near Los Angeles.

My Experience Horseback Riding At Paramount Ranch

The hour-long horseback riding tour at Paramount Ranch felt like just the right amount of time for someone who doesn’t go horseback riding a lot and is not used to it.

After arriving at the designated location, I met our tour guide and checked in. We waited until our entire group arrived before getting a quick overview of how to handle the horses during the tour.

Saddled and ready to go!

Then we were paired up with our horses and used a small stair to saddle them. The horses were so calm and were finishing up their lunch while we were waiting.

Most of us had little experience with horseback riding and I felt jitters before the ride started. But the guide made us feel very comfortable and at ease!

Once we started the ride, we lined up and followed the group leader. If any of the horses started falling behind, the guide would bring them up closer to him to keep the group going at a good pace.

Horseback riding at Paramount Ranch with Malibu Riders.

My horse Malaysia was just great! She was an older horse and listened to me so well. The Malibu Riders’ horses do these rides multiple times a day so they know the route well.  

To reach Paramount Ranch we had to go on a short detour. We crossed the road and went along a narrow trail to the main starting point.

Horseback Riding with Malibu Riders

Most of the trail passes along a wide path, but some sections are a bit narrow and steep. Parts of the trail were eroded due to recent rainfall but the horses navigated the route well.

The scenery along the way was just beautiful, especially in spring! The surrounding hills were covered in lush, green vegetation and the fresh spring air was just rejuvenating. There was so much greenery all around that we felt submerged deep in nature despite being just a short drive from major cities.

Creek crossing during the horseback riding tour.

The most exciting part of the route was a creek crossing that was pretty high due to recent rain. My horse even stopped to get some water which made me feel like a true horseback rider!

The last section went up a steeper hill which was quite adventurous. At the top, we stopped to take photos before turning back around and heading back the same way.

After we got back the horses got to enjoy a nice meal.

If you’re looking for horseback riding near Los Angeles, I highly recommend booking a ride with Malibu Riders! The guides are very friendly and will make this experience so enjoyable, even for first-timers.

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This post is written by Laura Sausina. Hi, I’m a California local and the founder of the California Wanderland travel blog. I currently live in Ventura County and help 30,000 readers a month discover things to do in Central California! Read more about me here.

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