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10 Best Parks In Camarillo, California (By a Local)

One of the things that I love about living in Camarillo is the number of parks this sunny California town has. As a mom to an infant, it makes it very easy to get outside and enjoy a walk or a short hike with my little one.

For being a small city, Camarillo has a lot of parks to choose from! All of the parks in this area are very clean, well groomed, and offer lots of amenities.

In this post, I share 10 of the best parks in Camarillo for those wanting to get outdoors and enjoy a bit of fresh air!

10 Best Parks In Camarillo California:

1. Mission Oaks Park

Beautiful hiking paths at Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo.

Mission Oaks Park is a 20-acre park with lots of excellent amenities! We come to this park several times a week to hike a few of the available trails and take our dog to the Mission Oaks dog park.

The park trails offer a wonderful mile-long walking opportunity for those who want to escape into nature without needing to leave Camarillo.

The trails are very scenic with plenty of trees creating much-needed shade on warmer days. This area is so beautiful that we even took our baby announcement photos here before our little one’s arrival.

Mission Oaks Park is one of the best places in Camarillo to take photos on special occasions!

The park has 3 softball fields, 6 tennis courts, a playground, paved pathways, and designated picnic areas. There are also clean restrooms at the main parking lot for visitors.

One of our favorite features is the open-space Camarillo dog park. Here your four-legged friends can play with each other, walk along the designated paved pathways, or run around the grassy area to get their energy out.

Google Map Location: Mission Oaks Park

2. Camarillo Grove Park

Camarillo Grove Park in Camarillo.

Camarillo Grove Park is a beautiful hidden gem tucked away on the outskirts of Camarillo. Getting here requires hopping on Highway 101 but it’s well worth the drive!

Camarillo Grove Park is home to 20 acres of scenic hiking trails, a nature center, and a playground. The trails start at the bottom of the park and climb to a summit overlooking the surrounding rolling hills. You can see a detailed trail map on the Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District website here or on AllTrails here!

Within the park, you can enjoy a relaxing picnic at one of the shaded tables that come with BBQ grills. In addition, this park has an enclosed dog park where your furry friends can run around off-leash.

For those who want a mix of everything, this is a great place to go! Camarillo Grove Park is the perfect outdoor space to spend a few hours relaxing with family away from the busy city center.

There is a small fee of $3 to enter Camarillo Grove Park during the weekdays and $5 during the weekends. The park has multiple restrooms for visitors.

Google Map Location: Camarillo Grove Park

3. Pitts Ranch Park

Pitts Ranch Park is one of the best outdoor parks in Camarillo.

Pitts Ranch Park is located in a quiet neighborhood by the Camarillo Bike Path. This is a large, spacious rectangle-shaped park with a baseball field, tennis courts, basketball court, and a playground.

Pitts Ranch Park is a wonderful place to go enjoy an afternoon picnic under a tree or the shaded gazebo. After, you can stretch your legs along the paved pathways that surround the park. The park also has BBQ grills and plenty of benches for resting.

The playground has two areas to accommodate kids of various ages. This is an excellent park to visit with little ones or for those who enjoy sports activities outdoors.

Google Map Location: Pitts Ranch Park

4. Bob Kildee Community Park

Grassy area by pickleball courts at Bob Kildee Community Park.

Bob Kildee Community Park is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Camarillo. We live just up the street from it so we frequently walk here to stretch our legs and enjoy some of the outdoor activities.

From the public pool to the skate park, basketball courts, tennis courts and baseball fields, Bob Kildee Community Park is the type of place where you can spend hours enjoying vigorous activities with your entire family.

I love to bring my infant to the Aquatic Center in the mornings for their Toddler Time in the shallow end of the pool. Little ones can also explore the outdoor playground with slides, climbing ropes, and swings.

Google Map Location: Bob Kildee Community Park

5. Arneill Ranch Park

Arneill Ranch Park

Located within the Arneill Ranch neighborhood, this 5-acre park is on the smaller size, but it has plenty of fun for everyone!

If you like running, enjoy a jog along the wide path that surrounds the park. In between laps, stop by the workout stations where you can lift weights for strength training. The park has a smaller side trail surrounded by trees and wildflowers if you prefer more solitude instead.

The main attraction of the park is the bright blue and green playground that includes two giant slides, walkways, a pirate ship, and a merry-go-round.

Next to the playground, you will find a restroom and a water fountain to stay hydrated in the hotter summer days.

Google Map Location: Arneill Ranch Park

6. Valle Lindo Park

Walkways and playground at Valle Lindo Park.

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood near Ponderosa Drive, the Valle Lindo Park covers 10 acres of walkways and a spacious soccer field.

This park has numerous picnic areas, an amphitheater, and a large kids’ play area with multiple play stations and swings.

There are partially shaded picnic areas for enjoying lunch or a family BBQ outdoors. The park has plenty of towering pine trees offering shade for those looking to escape the heat in the summer.

Google Map Location: Valle Lindo Park

7. Nancy Bush Park

Nancy Bush Park

Situated on the corner of Earl Joseph Drive and Crestview Avenue, Nancy Bush Park is on the smaller size, but has plenty of amenities for a family outing!

This 3.4-acre park has a pathway at the center of it surrounded by beautiful pepper trees. The playground has swings, slides, and various climbing stations.

The only downside is that this park is located next to two major streets so you’ll hear some traffic noise during your visit. There isn’t a designated visitor parking lot but parking can be found along Bradford Avenue.

Google Map Location: Nancy Bush Park

8. Community Center Park

Playground at the Community Center Park in Camarillo.

Community Center Park is a small park located next to the Camarillo Community Center and Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District office. The best feature of the park is the playground which includes multiple slides, a climbing area, swings, and a pirate ship guaranteeing a fun time for kids.

The park has a spacious grassy area and some trees where parents can sit under while watching the little ones play at the playground. It also has a partially shaded picnic area with BBQ pits.

If you enjoy working out, you can work up a sweat at the outdoor exercise station. The park also a horseshoe pit which is fun game for the entire family!

Google Map Location: Community Center Park

9. Heritage Park

Playground at the Heritage Park in Camarillo.

Heritage Park is one of our local favorites because it rarely gets crowded. This park is hidden in a beautiful neighborhood near Mission Oaks Park. Most people don’t know it’s there unless you live by it.

Heritage Park consists of a paved pathway surrounded by spacious, grassy areas on both sides. It also features two kids’ playgrounds – one for larger kids with more advanced slides and one for smaller kiddos.

The park has doggie stations for cleanup along with some benches for resting. However, there are no restrooms since the park is mostly used by the local residents.

Google Map Location: Heritage Park

10. Dos Caminos Park

Dos Caminos Park in Camarillo.

Dos Caminos Park is located on the corner of Las Posas Road and Ponderosa Drive. Because it’s located next to two major streets, you do get a lot of traffic noise at this park but it’s one of my go-to places regardless.

Dos Caminos Park is quite small, but it has an enclosed kids’ playground with lots of trees offering shade on hot summer days. My favorite part of this park is the pine tree grove with a picnic table at the center of it.

The park does have a rec room with a restroom at the center of it, but the restrooms have been locked every time I have been here.

Google Map Location: Dos Caminos Park

These Camarillo parks offer a variety of amenities, making them perfect for hiking, sports, picnics, and family outings in fresh air.

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This post is written by Laura Sausina. Hi, I’m a California local and the founder of the California Wanderland travel blog. I currently live in Ventura County and help 30,000 readers a month discover things to do in Central California! Read more about me here.

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