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Calleguas Creek Bike Path In Camarillo

Calleguas Creek bike path is a popular route in Camarillo for walking, jogging, cycling, and enjoying fresh air outdoors.

This paved path runs along Calleguas Creek with scenic views of the surrounding landscapes and mountains in the distance. It offers a wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with nature just a short walk or drive from local Camarillo neighborhoods.

After I moved to Camarillo I started looking for places to take my dog and infant for a walk. Calleguas Creek bike path has been one of my local favorites!

In this post, I share information and tips to know about the Camarillo bike path for first-time visitors.

Calleguas Creek Camarillo bike path is one of the best places to enjoy the outdoors in Ventura County.

Calleguas Creek Bike Path Parking

The first time I came to the Calleguas Creek bike path I had no idea where to park.

I looked up the bike path on Google Maps and found a parking lot marked as ‘Calleguas Creek/Bike Path Camarillo’ off Upland Road that was near the entrance.

The official Calleguas Creek bike path parking lot (where nobody actually parks).

It turns out, this is NOT a great location to park for the bike path – and here is why:

  1. There is not an easy way to reach the bike path from the parking lot
  2. You will need to cross a major intersection

Without knowing any better, I did park at this lot the first time I drove out there. I ended up walking along a narrow path with my dog next to a major highway to reach the bike path entrance. Needless to say, this was not a great experience.

Instead, now I park in the residential neighborhood next to the bike path. There are about 10+ entrance points from the adjacent neighborhood with plenty of parking.

Entrance to Camarillo bike path off Pala Vista Road – a much better option.

About Calleguas Creek Bike Path

The Calleguas Creek Bike runs about 3 miles each way. There are multiple entrance points along the bike path to accommodate different Camarillo neighborhoods.

I personally like to start my walk at the northern entrance off Flynn Road and Upland Road. The bike path ends at the southern entrance off Pleasant Valley Road.

Calleguas Creek Bike Path Map:

If you decide to do the entire distance, the Calleguas Creek bike path length is about 6 miles out and back. Keep in mind that there are no restrooms, food, or water along the bike path which can be a bit of a challenge when walking or biking such a long distance.

If you are following the Calleguas Creek Bike Path route from the AllTrails hiking app, it is listed as shorter at 4.7 miles. This route cuts off a section from the southern part by Pleasant Valley Field.

Enjoying a leisurely walk along the Camarillo bike path.

There are no lights along the path so it’s best done during the daytime hours. I have stayed out on the bike path past sunset and it was pitch dark by the time I returned to my car.

If you go around sunset, bring a headlamp to navigate your way back. While the bike path itself is very safe, I was more concerned about wild animals like coyotes after dark. I have even seen coyotes in my neighborhood which is not near any parks or nature centers.

There are lots of trees along the path but it can get pretty hot during mid-day, especially in the summertime. If you plan to come in the summer season, bring plenty of water as there are no water fountains along the trail.

Walking The Calleguas Creek Bike Path

When visiting the Camarillo bike path, I usually park off Via Secoya Road near the north entrance. At the beginning of the bike path, you can stop by a map that shows distances and major landmarks that you will pass. 

Calleguas Creek bike path north entrance.

The pathway itself is made of asphalt with very little elevation gain. There are a couple of steeper dips but overall it’s fairly flat.

Many people bring their strollers to get fresh air with their little ones. I have a 3-month-old and have been taking him here for stroller walks several times a week to get outside near nature. 

Calleguas Creek Trail is an excellent place to take dogs and little ones for a walk in Camarillo.

This is also a great place to take your four-legged friend for a walk as there are plenty of waste bag stations along the way. The bike path is pretty wide so I’ve never had an issue passing other dogs and avoiding the bikers.

The bike path follows next to the Calleguas Creek for the entire time, although in some parts the view of the creek is obstructed by overgrown bushes and trees.

Calleguas Creek in Camarillo.

After heavy rain, Calleguas Creek typically has a dirt river flowing through it with a fast current. As soon as the rain stops, the river dries out pretty quickly.

Most of the time the riverbed is dry, but access to it is blocked off from entering with fences. I have seen people walk down into it, but it can be very dangerous (and illegal to protect the watershed).

Fences blocking off Calleguas Creek from the bike path.

The northern part of the bike path is well-groomed with many trees, shrubs, rocks, and plants. The southern part of the bike path passes businesses and warehouses so it’s less groomed, but still very beautiful.

The northern part of the path is my favorite because it offers better views of the wide creek bed. With more access points in the northern section, you will also encounter a lot more people going for a walk from the local neighborhoods.  

From the bike path, you can enjoy the vistas of the lush hills and mountains that surround Camarillo. Along the way, you might even spot bunnies and squirrels that reside in the shrubs within the river.

If you start getting tired, there are some benches in shaded areas where you can take a break. On some days I just love to sit here and watch the fluffy clouds go by, listening to the birds chirping in the trees.

Resting benches along the biking trail in Camarillo.

Camarillo bike path makes for a great outing whether you plan to go with your bike or on foot.

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This post is written by Laura Sausina. Hi, I’m a California local and the founder of the California Wanderland travel blog. I currently live in Ventura County and help 30,000 readers a month discover things to do in Central California! Read more about me here.

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